Miss Flight? No Problem!

Missing your flight isn’t the end of the world. Far from it, there are ways and avenues you may take to salvage your vacation yet. That being said, the following steps will hopefully get you back on track for your magical holiday, or well, get you unstranded from a foreign country.

What to do?

  • Freak Out And Let It All Out: The first thing you need to do is to freak out when you miss your flight. Sounds counterintuitive, but listen, getting it out of your system immediately is the first step in course correction so that you may have your wits about you.
  • Call Ahead: If you’re very sure that you’ll be missing your flight or cutting it close, it would do you good to immediately alert the airline. Call ahead to try and get a hold of the reservation desk or ticketing rep to let them know of your circumstances. Who knows? Your call may very well mean the difference between getting on board or missing your flight. And if all else fails, you could try bringing up the flat-tire rule after you’ve missed your flight.
  • Try To Change Your Flight: If the plane has already left the tarmac, then your next course of action would be to try to change your flight. Try to talk to the ticketing reps at your airline’s counter once you arrive at the airport and hopefully, they’ll be able to accommodate your request, free of charge.

Book A New Flight: While it doesn’t hurt to ask, nine out of ten times you probably will not be able to get a free retiming of your flight. In this instance, just cut your losses and buy a new ticket. For certain scenarios, this is the most economical solution, particularly if you’re on the return leg of your trip.

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